Reelin' in the Years

I have recently been rediscovering Steely Dan - one of my favourite bands of all time. Until the late 1990s they were regarded as a passé 1970s AOR band - but over the last couple of years have reformed and released two great new albums. I have always loved their witty/ ironic lyrics, clever rhythms and high standards of musicianship/ production.

I have now discovered on amazon, that there are a whole load of "early years" compilations available of material that they recorded before their first official album release "Can't But a Thrill"...
On closer inspection, despite there being at least a dozen different albums, they all feature the same 20 or so tracks. And thanks to the wonders of amazon, was able to listen to a selection of the tracks to realise that most of them are little more than very rough recordings of Walter & Donald singing along to piano accompaniment - early versions of some of the songs I know and love from their early albums - "Brooklyn", "Barrytown", "Caves of Altamira".

Then I came across a hilarious letter on their official web site from Walter Becker - about his idea for a new compilation - "Steely Dan: The Furry Years".

All I can say to Walter is do it !!
by Stephen Foote | in Music | last updated 16.06.2005, 9:35