Support EDM 1198 & Free the 1911 Census !!

The Freedom of Information Act (2000) was supposed to make it easier to get information out of government, and lead to more openness - especially in those areas where there are outdated indefensible practises.

Well that is exactly the oppsite of what is happening with census records. I have just learnt that the 100-year closure for census records was only introduced in 1966 ! When the 1911 census was taken - no commitment was made to those completing it that the information would be kept secret, and in fact it should have been released in 1962, as the closure rule then in force was only 50 years. But the head of the Public Record Office at the time, refused to do so - delaying the release of the records until after the 100-year rule was introduced 4 years later.

However, the Freedom of Information Act abolished the 100-year closure rule applying to census records ... and the National Archives is still refusing to release them !!

This is being brought to a head in the UK Parliament by Early Day Motion 1198, proposed by Mike Hancock MP, which now has the support of over 130 MPs. The full text reads ...
by Stephen Foote | last updated 28.02.2006, 19:33