More online sources !

The amount of online resources for genealogists is expanding by the day.

Notable additions that have come to my attention recently include:
  • 1861 Census - the searchable index to the 1861 census for England & Wales at is now complete.
  • - a new site offering a complete index to all civil births, deaths & marriages 1866-1920.  They also have records beyond this date available - but not fully searchable.
  • Together with an ever-increasing freeBMD, it is now possible to save enormous amounts of time that would otherwise have been spent lugging those weighty tomes around the Family Records Centre at Myddleton Place.
by Stephen Foote | last updated 19.09.2005, 4:20

Star of India

I've spent a couple of weekends in San Diego over the last couple of months. With a great seafaring tradition, there are some great maritime tourist attractions.

Without doubt one of the most spectacular is the Star of India (pictured).
by Stephen Foote | last updated 19.09.2005, 4:06