Summer holiday

We're all going on a summer holiday - no more Nottingham for a week or two :-)
by Stephen Foote | last updated 23.07.2004, 0:15

Dictionary of National Biography

I received a mailshot today informing me that, after over a decade in the making, the New Dictionary of National Biography is due to be published on 23 September 2004. Without doubt, it is a major achievement, and will be a fantastic resource, but ...

... why make it so expensive & inaccessible ?
by Stephen Foote | last updated 26.08.2004, 23:36

My cigar-cutter

I have just found out that my saxophone - a Selmer Cigar Cutter - has just passed its 70th birthday.

by Stephen Foote | last updated 26.08.2004, 21:53

Welcome to our weblog

Welcome to our weblog - I'm pretty chuffed just to have got this thing working - let alone thinking of something appropriate to write for a first entry.
by Stephen Foote | last updated 23.07.2004, 0:11