Online Encyclopedia of Genealogy

Dick Eastman, publisher of the renowned Online Genealogical Newsletter for as long as I can remember, has recently launched an Online Encyclopedia of Genealogy.

Since its launch in December last year, the Online Encyclopedia of Genealogy has grown from just a few random articles to a wealth of information about family history societies, obscure occupations found on census returns, guide to sources for military family history research and many more.

It is based on the increasingly-popular "wiki" style of reference source (the original being Wikipedia) - meaning that most of the articles are contributed by other people - and since anyone can edit anyone else's contributions, any inaccuracies are be ironed out quite quickly.

  • DNA - if you are looking for an introduction to the use of DNA in genealogical research - I suggest that you might find the one on GENUKI more illuminating.
  • Software for Windows - if you think you can make an improvement on "This section has yet to be written" - please help!
I have added a collection of linked articles about Guernsey Genealogy. None of them have been substantially altered yet (except for formatting), so either I must have got them pretty accurate, or no-one else interested in Guernsey genealogy has read my entries !
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